Monday, August 8, 2011

HS Birthday, and HP is there to see it!

HP is still moving quietly on his journey, out of reach for the most part, but breathing quietly, and smiling gently now and then. He smiled briefly when a friend came by yesterday after not seeing him for a while, clearly knew and welcomed her. And last evening was one of reminiscence and good thoughts with another friend, with HP included with quiet remarks to him and touching. I have encouraged everyone who visits to take his hand, touch his face gently, whatever they feel good doing. He knows.

Today is HS birthday, and his father is there to see it! we'll celebrate it later, but right now it seems so good that HP is still with us on this day.

As usual, cheerfulness keeps breaking through, and my horoscope today reads in part: "You are patient and will wait for loved ones who are moving at a different pace." so apt.

The flowers on the bookcase are now down to the baby's breath which will keep forever, and the last bunch of lavender I gathered a couple of weeks ago from the front yard, and gave to HP to sniff. Despite his diminished sense of smell he could smell it, lovely sharp scent, and enjoyed it. So this bunch will stay forever, too.


  1. Love, serenity
    Peace, gentleness
    Celebrating stillness
    Laughter and tears
    Mingle in the transition.

  2. Such a blessing to be surrounded by love, peace and joy, too, at this time. Thinking of you every day.


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