Monday, August 15, 2011

Home again

The storm rolled away, the sun came out, and we went to pick up the ashes. HS, at my request, took charge of the velvet bag thing holding the container, and it was a poignant moment for both of us when he reached out and lifted up his father.

He sat with the ashes as I completed the paperwork, and drove us both to his place, where he took custody of the container until we do the scattering. He was fine with doing this, as a last service, of so many services he did, generously, over so many years. I wonder if anyone has had a better son.

Then he and I went for a walk by the marsh, behind his building, where Irene and Anne and Bob and Trish and Kristi and Megan and Joyce and Maureen and Carol and Jinny and MC and Paul, and other blogfriends have visited me back when I lived there. The water was so high from the recent record breaking rains, that ducks were swimming close to the paths, very happy with their new pool.

In earlier blogposts I've shown you pictures of HP and me at our wedding, in 1963, and now here's a shot, one of very few, of our second honeymoon on our reuniting in the late 80s.

Cape May on the beach. We stayed at the hotel I still stay at when I go down there.

And here's a picture of my gnarly old hand wearing both our commitment rings, as of August 8 of this year, photo taken today.

when I catch my breath from the significance of today, I'll recount some memories of him and me and all of us and his pets, and I'll invite you, dear blogistas, to add your memories of us and you, too.


  1. Nice pics. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of you all.

  2. I don't see a gnarly old hand at all - I see one that is full of life's experiences and a great deal of strength.

  3. caring, sharing hands. Enjoy your memories x

  4. A mountain of a day and you've lived it richly, Liz ... so very present in each moment and always seeming to be aware of how it fits with your past and future. A gift. Lovely, tender photos. And you are so right about HS. ((( Liz )))


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