Friday, August 26, 2011

Da boids have flown! Wren Chronicles conclusion

The wren family has hatched, fledged and left their nest. I noticed no activity for a couple of days, no signs of anything wrong, so I guess they moved their young fast, since there was a bluejay around and they are predators on young birds. But I heard wren calls this morning a close by, so they haven't gone far. I never got to see the babies, but oh well.

Then the pre hurricane preparation under way, I took down the bird feeder for safety, and all the hanging plants. So I uncovered the nest, and found it was as I thought, a wonderful piece of architecture, built around the curve of the inner pot that held the plant.

There was fluff and hair at the bottom, looking like Duncan's fur, in fact, that I'd thrown out after I groomed him, and pine needles around the walls, and then mosses all packed in to hold it in place against the wall of the outer pot. And they had worked around a branch of the begonia which you see left there when I took out the pot containing the plant.

Their timing was impeccable. They were the last life on the patio that HP could distinguish and enjoy, they built their nest and I reported to him on it daily, they fed their young after HP left us, and now, their work complete, they are off to the next chapter in their own lives. As I said much earlier, the Wren Chronicles give me something to live by!

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