Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Various Festivities of the Season

Since my dentist's Christmas card, with toothbrushes sticking out of stockings, arrived yesterday, and our news carrier's annual little letter came with today's paper, complete with "thanking you and your family the best wishes" for the season, Duncan and Marigold thought they'd better get in on the first responders group with their wishes.

Since their big plans for the season involve sleeping in my bed and on the sofa till early March, we caught them early before serious hibernation sets in.

Okay, that's enough obliging Boud with posing, now I need to bathe...

Meanwhile, on other fronts, Why I Hate Patricia Walden, the Yoga Lady. Because she caught me again. I have been doing Rodney Yee's morning yoga for ages, love it, very doable for aging persons such as I, and I thought well, why not have a change, and get a tape from the libe, good thing I didn't buy it, I'd be mad if I did, which has Walden and Yee on different segments showing Yoga for Relaxation.

And the tape, ostensibly (five dollar word) for beginners, starts with her already in Child's pose seated. No indication of how she got there, no tips on how to do this safely, no allowance for those of us who have never been able to do it, even though our Downward Facing Dog and our Bridge Pose and our Tree Pose are pretty much okay. And she goes from there. Beginners? relaxation? aieee, more like the fear factor....

I have another tape of hers, evening yoga, where her grammar drives me bonkers, given that you use the tape every time and I tense up in anticipation of the next time she says take a-hold of, or now lay down, etc. And my body just isn't made like hers, I guess, at least I can't work well with her. She expects beginners to be able to criss cross their arms behind them and raise them high, just like her...Oh well. Back to Rodney.


  1. He is so easy on the eyes and mind...

  2. I don't 'know' Rodney, but it seems he might just be a guy I'd like to spend some time with. Like yoga, but don't have the body to be balancing on my head OR be wound up like a pretzel.

  3. Time for me to go check out Rodney ... I trust you, Liz.


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