Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowmania giveaway and new furniture

Take a look at the group pix of wooden handpainted pinback pins. I have a dozen ready to give as a little New Year's gifts to thank faithful blogistas and commenters here and in Art, the Beautiful Metaphor.

They can be worn on lapels or hatbands, a couple of have a hole or two drilled in them, design feature in fact, but I wouldn't object to the new owner's using that to adapt to a pendant or other clever idea.

Here's a closer view

Anyway, if I don't already know your snailmail address, please email me with it at and let me know you'd like one. A pin, that is. Please let me choose which one, in case the one you chose was gone already and all the recriminations that entails. Oh, no, I'm thinking of Dollivers now..

Speaking of whom, they have a New Year present: a little red enameled chair, rescued from the dumpster area right before the snow started, which two of them are modeling here, as they sit watching the snow fall

and wondering if Boud has remembered to get the snow shovel out and her gloves and boots ready..a lot of snow is forecast over the next day, high winds, drifts, you name it. It did hold off politely until I got back to the house with new firewood and lighters, a kind touch, I thought.

And the Ds. also wanted to be seen in their conservatory, under the Boston fern, pinkie fingers raised, in search of their afternoon tea.


  1. Hope you are enjoying a lovely Boxing Day. Ours is low-key - most of us are still shuffling around with cups of coffee in hand, looking out the window, and then shuffling back to the chair.

    Good luck with the snowfall!

  2. Are you as socked in as the rest of the northeast? It looks horrendous around NYC!

  3. What a perfect chair for the Dollivers to keep tabs on the world from! Hopefully they won't decide to fight over it!!


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