Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hippo Birdies, Sags!

Hippo Birdies TwoEwes, all the Sagittarians who follow this blog! Diane, MaryAnn, Ruth, are there others, too? and Moi. Today I enter the Terrible (Seventy) Twos, and I'm planning on celebrating the whole year, wheeeeee....

HS came over last night to leave a card to be sure I got it first thing, and he'll be over on Saturday to cook and serve us a special birthday dinner which I chose, involving chicken and cheese and crusty bread and I forget the name, but it's great, and I explained I plan to be very hungry, please make a lot!

Great electronic cards from friends how on earth do you remember the date, and...

All in all, life is good!


  1. Happy Birthday Liz. I remember your birthday because it's on my calendar. Of course I didn't look at the calendar until this morning and by then it was too late to send a card. But not too late for a blog birthday wish.


  2. Happy birthday to the most loving and giving youngster I know!

  3. Happy Birthday! hope there are many more to come, and each is happier!

  4. Hippo Birdies indeed!! Have a very happy and fun-filled day AND year.

  5. Happy Birthday, dear Liz! Sending love and wishes for a year full of good things! <3

  6. whoops, that was from me, maj! <3

  7. Hope you've been having a wonderful day Liz and look forward to that birthday dinner. It sounds devine, just my sort of thing.



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