Saturday, December 11, 2010

My ex-friend Flickr

So it's official. I have severed my relations with Flickr, after a long tussle and so many lies on his part, and such deceit and cruelty. I only got involved in order to post pix of knitting on the Ravelry website, which needs an intermediary other than my thumb drive, to post pix, and people there were encouraging and interested in the work.

But it went downhill from there. From distorting the shape of pix to fit its own template, to claiming that it would feed my blogs if I did all the stuff, and what with blogspot also claiming to have a special relationship that would allow me to send pix from Flickr to my blog, I was so deceived, how could you use a poor maiden so?

What with firing off pix at random all over my post, not where I'd designed them to go, and then failing to yield them at all, though I knew they were there, to Flickr test posts arriving just fine, but blogspot unable to grab them from Flickr, evidently a one way friendship there, yesterday was one long pain.

So I finally managed to get ONE picture successfully over into Art the Beautiful Metaphor, and then I went back and angrily pressed all the buttons to take AWAY my carefully fixed settings on Flickr, whereupon my blogs got well again, and all is fine.

I must admit that in the course of these adventures in high tech., I learned several new things about my thumb drive and now have much better titles on a whole bunch of my pix which had got themselves all labeled with the same name, dating back to when I was learning how to install pix on my computer and inadvertently lost all the titles....oh well, now I know how to fix them and I've been reunited with a whole lot of images that were hiding under the wrong place..tedious work renaming dozens of pictures but it's done. As long as I don't let Flickr back in the picture.

But on the principle that nothing is ever wasted, I thought I'd post a tiny pic, sorry Flickr won't help me there, of a group of comfort dolls, about six inches tall, little pocket toys, from dozens I made last year and send to ICROSS Canada for Willi to take to Africa with him next time he went with medications and equipment for AIDS clinics there. He uses the little dolls to pack fragile items instead of packing material, and gives them to happy little kids when he unpacks. The children are AIDS orphans, many of them have AIDS themselves, and the dolls are welcomed by kids as old as teenagers, as well as little guys.

Get in touch with ICROSS Canada if you're interested in helping out. Endless needs there. Then my high tech day will not have been in vain!


ari_1965 said...

Boud, sorry about Flickr. He was never good enough for you anyway.

Picasa is a Google product. Every Blogspot blogger has a free account with X amount of space. I believe you can purchase more space, but I haven't needed that yet. I use Picasa for photo storage and to pull images of the dogs for my slideshow on my blog. Perhaps Picasa might be your solution for your knitting photos.

Picasa also comes in a form to download if you need a photo manager. I don't use it for that.

Boud said...

Yes, I know about Picasa, but it's not enabled at the website I was talking about. They really really want you to use Flickr. I'm fine not bothering to post there nowadays -- just send people to my blog directly, instead of downloading there. That actually works better in the end, because people get interested and continue reading! I just wanted a couple of pix back from Flickr and got them, after the titanic struggle I described, and now it's outta my life! heh.

You can get really passionate about this stuff, at least I can.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Well, it's pretty obvious that Flickr will be getting a big lump of coal in his Christmas stocking this year! How dare he?

ari_1965 said...

Sorry, I just posted another thing to you about Picasa Web Albums. I should have checked back to this post first. Please disregard.

eepy said...

I think you already know about PhotoBucket... I've been using it forever and have (said she with crossed fingers) had no problems thus far.

Boud said...

Yep, I do, and I have no need for it. Simple upload to my flashdrive from my camera, by way of Picture Project, simple download to the three sites I need to put pix on, nothing else needed. I much prefer this to services that might change, "improve" or vanish!