Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Dollivers and Christmas plans

We decided that since Boud claims to be tired, why, why? she does nothing, we would have to take over and plan a big event for Christmas around here.

So a delegation of us hitched a ride to the libe and showed her how a Christmas tree should be

complete with a lot of presents for Dollivers all around and how Martha Stewart does Christmas food

none of this simple stuff for her, no, and fancy bells

and shells, and trees that she only needs a team to assemble.

We were only slightly nonplussed, what Boud would call a five dollar word, to find that the parcels at the libe are for little kids who have nothing much on their agenda for Christmas, so we decided, okay, Boud can send them a little something, and make a few hundred lollipops and baked goods and we hope she didn't actually notice that we swiped her new pearl bracelet which has become a great tiara for a D. And later it became a necklace for the same D, to make sure nobody took it back..the earrings are on another Dolliver, Blondie, naturally, she gets everything.

So that's us, and if Boud wants to rest her tootsies instead of undertaking all these tiny little tasks, well, we'll have to find another person to do it for us, that's all. Us do it? We don't THINK so...


  1. One day, Dollivers, Boud is going to recognize you for the set of champagne-swilling pearl-stealing layabouts you are and make you go to work. Yarn doesn't grow on trees, you know. Then you'll have something to complain about. You didn't know that Boud owns a salt mine, did you?

  2. Methinks the Dollivers should watch Scrooge - perhaps then they wouldn't be so demanding. Either way, I hope the Dollivers and Boud and the man have a very merriest of Christmases.

  3. And she knows which thread to pull so you will decrease in size and mobility, naughty lazy girls.

    A delicious posting!

  4. Great post .. and comments. The Dollivers have become reality so we'd better watch out.... DeeDee thinks they are very bold but envies their cheekiness.


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