Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blizzard pix 2010

I vowed I would not take pictures of snow again, even though it was a pretty big storm -- approximately twenty inches fell on us, with high winds and drifting, very dramatic overnight -- but oh well, I'm weak, and I couldn't resist a picture of the roof across the street, sculpted by snow into shapes like waves on a beach

and of the patio, where you see a large cake of snow sitting on the table, and that dark line in the background is the top of the fence.

The patio is pretty much filled to the brim with snow, since we seem to be in the path of all the wind eddies, which is why my plants blow over in the summer.

However, three neighbors came to my rescue yesterday and did most of the digging to get my car out in case we needed a quick exit (or an entrance for emergency ambulance help, actually) and today another one showed up to take my keys and move the car for me to let the snowplows finish up cleaning the parking places. I was in the middle of giving HP breakfast when the snowguys showed up, so neighbor rescued me kindly and drove the car out of harm's way and brought it back once things were cleared.

I ventured out to the bank and the nearest food store this morning, and after skidding helplessly several times on unplowed side roads between us and the main road, decided that once this thaws a bit in the day then freezes again this evening, it's more than my neck is worth to venture out again to the gallery opening party scheduled for this evening.

I feel bad about it, being one of the begetters of the original library gallery concept in the town, and this being a significant event, but sometimes discretion wins. And there are plenty of important people going to be there.

I feel terrible when I make decisions like this. Hm. Maybe I could work on that in the New Year.

One vow I will keep though: I won't talk about the year that's nearly finished, unlike all the broadcast media and newspapers and everyone! several reasons: half the time I can't actually remember much of it, at least not interesting bits, and it's too dull to write, let alone to read.

So you are spared, at least in this space. Some people can write amusingly and movingly and grippingly about the Year That Was, so I will read them and enjoy, and refrain from doing it here, heh.


  1. I thought about you, Liz, when I saw reports of all the snow in your area! Wowza! Good to see that your wonderful common sense is prevailing as usual -- and that you have such thoughtful neighbors at hand.

    The only blizzard type conditions I've ever experienced happened with the birth of my youngest in N. Carolina. I made it to the hospital ok, but then the baby and I were stuck there (with a crrrazy room mate!) for three days. No one could get in or out including staff. We even had to trundle (with i.v. pole and babe bassinet) to pick up our meals and any linens or supplies we needed. lol! I was frantic about my hub and two little ones at home with no power -- but luckily we had a fireplace and an entire woods behind the house. Hub did a lot of chopping but managed to cook and keep them toasty. I wonder and fret about how folks are faring in the cities now?

    I'm so glad you were "weak" about the photos ... they are wonderful! I missed wishing you Merry Christmas ... but I do hope it was a lovely one for you and yours - and that the coming year will be filled with only good things as well! ((hugs))

  2. Well, that certainly answers my question about the snowstorm! It is beautiful, but inconvenient when you are caring for someone in fragile health or if you want to get out a bit to important doings. Oh well - nothing to do about it, I guess. At least you have wonderful neighbors.

  3. There's no chance I'll be doing any sort of retrospect about the year that's passed on my blog either - mainly because I can't remember most of it well enough to bother!! I'm a firm believer in 'onward and upward' and looking backwards is mainly a waste of time. Stay safe in all your snow!


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