Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Dollivers on a Health Kick

The Dollivers heard that I was off to Black Forest Acres, my local herbalist hangout, where Trudy and other knowledgeable herbalists dispense wisdom and other good stuff, for some refills, and after a short but nonetheless sharp struggle to see which two got the coveted place in the carrying bag, we set off in search of rosewater and glycerin and B complex both of which I swear by.

The Ds. pointed out that if I was talking about fiber, they needed no additional fiber, being composed of it, but would be interested in a refill of candy or jewelry and in case anything like that was in the offing, they would come along.

So, amid jeers and cries of Blondie gets Everything! and Knitted Hat, yourself! we set off.

They got into a discussion with the nice lady at the counter

who is not Trudy, but is very good to discuss with, about my purchases and whether any jewelry had made its way into the bag, and on finding out it hadn't, said, oh well, may as well forget the closeup then and put her in the pic too.

And the guided tour of the place led us to the shelves of all kinds of grains and fibers and seeds and they said, let's rest here a minute among our homeys, we're exhausted with all this shopping and driving.

I pointed out that their mental health was very much improved by having a change of scenery, but they were more convinced when I reminded them it gave them bragging rights when they got home, so they were content.

My own mental health is often restored by the kind of interesting fast moving skies we had yesterday, too, great for a sense of proportion.

Speaking of mental health, I read recently in the AARP magazine, stunningly enough, since they rarely seem to say anything I care to think more about, being heavily into trying to look 40 when you're 90 and other such hopeless endeavors, where was I, oh yes, that when you are in a caregiver role, the hardest part of all is when there are no immediate tasks, just the concern that some crisis may erupt at any time. That's more exhausting than actual physical care for the person. And I fully endorse this view.

Much harder to be on the alert night and day, even when there's nothing more to do right now for the patient. Easier mentally, though not physically, to have work, which, Dolliver knows, I do! but it's worth a thought. Being a doer by nature, I always do better with requirements, even when they're endless!

So, with the mental health bit attended to by yoga and walking and meditation and the labyrinth and throwing my hands up now and then, and skin care using rosewater and glycerin, and the physical stuff attended to with great food, made from scratch and a little help from vitamins, that's us!

We are the Dollivers and we approve this post.

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