Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Art, the Beautiful Metaphor, new blog

I have started building my art blog, named Art, the Beautiful Metaphor (note the soccer reference!) and have put my usual emailers on it. But most of us come in to the site to read, so you need to look for it at http://beautifulmetaphor.blogspot.com

If I could grasp how to make hot links in here, I would do it, but when I studied the Blogspot for Dummies version on how to do it, I realized I needed a Blogspot For Dummies for Dummies! so please copy and paste, and let me know how you like the new blog. It's barely started, so I'm open to suggestions.

Oops, editing late to explain that I now have two blogs running concurrently, five dollar word, and that the new one does not replace Field and Fen. The Dollivers would never agree to that. And they are expecting a starring role in the Beautiful Metaphor, too, sigh.


  1. to make a hot link on blogger is not to hard
    When you are making a post, do this:

    step 1 type some text (my new blog) and High light it.

    step 2 copy the Url (Http://...) then on the blogger dashboard find the icon that looks like a green ball(globe) with a piece of chain link (a link icon!)
    (its next to the T and color block)

    step 3 click on the icon

    a dialog box will open and it comes with a http:// already typed in.

    Step 4 A--if you are typing (and not doing cut and paste) type in remaining URL

    Step 4 But if cutting and pasting PASTE OVER THE http:// or you'll end up with 2 (http://http://....) and the URL won't work!

    (next lesson, adjust size and position of photos)

  2. I should have put up my Caution, Joke Alert! icon in my post! this was strictly a joke about my own laziness and various other reasons why I do not make hot links, nowadays known simply as links, in my blog.

    Yes, I know how to! but choose not to. And I was making just a little joke about myself. Sorry, didn't mean to mislead!

  3. i am somewhat dyslexic, and some where down the line on autism spectrum... (the shallow end) but i do tend to take things literally. (and likewise, i am some what short on tact!) I presume people tell the truth (even though i know, i can lie!) and mean what they say.

    (it causes no end of problem for me, but eventually i figure out where a persons sense of humor lies, and get there jokes!--OK so lesson 1 learned)

  4. You're not the first to have this conversation with me, and there's no harm, no foul. Thanks for taking it in a friendly spirit.


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