Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oops, technology overcame me...

For those readers who might have stopped in here a while back and noticed a post about jewelry and wondered what I was up to, I had omitted to remember that I had two blogs now, and thought I was in the right one, sigh.

That post is now where it b'longs, in the Art the Beautiful Metaphor blog, where anyone may seek it out.

But if you saw it here and then came back and thought, dang, I could have sworn there was a post in here, the mean answer is: oh, you're losing it! and the true answer is: Boud is losing it!

Anyway, I deleted it in here because tweren't intended for here. Sorry, folks.

I am in good company, though, since Yahoo is working behind the scenes updating the Freecycle groups, and they put their inner workings out on everyone's screen a while back, totally incomprehensible to most of us and totally beta, not working at all. I guess someone must have said, hey, you didn't mean to send that private work to the whole world, did you? because the next day it was back as usual....

So, tain't just me. Phew.


  1. Saw your post and thought "that's nice" and she seems to be getting quite commercial in her old age! I also got some nifty ideas from your presentation for my own beads which are just sitting there most of the time. I was trying to think whether you showed me how to do these at some point or did I pick it up somewhere else. I have dozens of paper beads. I keep making them..its a bit like nervous tick. What ho!


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