Friday, October 1, 2010

Serenity Now!

The picture is about a lovely serene scene (say that fast) and the way I'm saying it at the moment is like George Costanza's father in Seinfeld screaming SERENITY NOW! as he tries to cultivate a peaceful frame of mind.

Yesterday, shortly after I posted in here, a lot of things happened. HP had an attack of nausea, looked absolutely terrible, then slept for a while, very groggy and confused, then after afternoon snack and meds, slept again until early evening when he threw a huge grand mal seizure, first one in many many months, fortunately he was still in the chair, safe, and I was able to transfer him in the lift into bed at about the normal time, when I discovered he was passing blood in the urine.

His blessed doctor got back to me within minutes, decided this was most probably a UTI -- which could account for the mental confusion as well as practically everything else -- ordered up a nurse visit for today, and called in a script for antibiotics to start last evening. Blessed HS stopped by at the pharmacy on his way home from work, picked up the pills and came over to visit with me, which helped me a whole lot.

Great difficulty getting HP to take evening meds and antiobio, because he was so confused he couldn't fathom how to open his mouth for the pills, how to suck the water through a straw to get them down, etc., but we finally managed it, and he slept peacefully all night.

So did I. What a day.

Today he's exhausted, and I handfed him breakfast and his medications, because he ate nothing yesterday and this is dangerous, and he was too exhausted even to pick up a cup, and he fell back asleep again. The little he said made sense more or less, and I'm awaiting the homecare nurse to see what she has to say. Good thing we have a reclining wheelchair, so I can tilt him back restfully.

Planning to handfeed him lunch, too, if I can manage to get him awake enough. And wondering if he has slipped down a notch. But it might all be about the UTI and the antiobios.

Tomorrow is Saturday, yay, which means, now that the beach season is probably winding down, HS will spend most of the day here, letting me get out and giving HP and me his company.



  1. Sending serene thoughts speeding over and down to you.

  2. I'm with you in all this - take care of you and your man. I'm trying to do the same.


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