Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Hallowe'en survived

Every year I say how I don't like Hallowe'en, hate the ghoul motif, can't stand the endless attention to it everywhere and the awful pictures I can't bear to look at.

Then the day comes around, I stock up with candy, and we are invaded by the most wonderful gangs of kids, neighbors, who are so funny, so cute, and so altogether nice that I'm fine with it again.

This year it started early with our first arrival, about three thirty, a handsome little Chinese neighbor with a face like a flower, and when I asked for a picture, instantly put on this mask, heh, so you see before you a diminutive power ranger or alien or something.

Many kids later, a huge group appeared, had been partying together, and one of the boys said "we're a PARADE!" These kids all take one piece of candy, say thank you, and wish me Happy Hallowe'en. I love them. And word about mischief night, once dreaded around here, has not permeated the Indian community, an real plus since mischief night fell on a Saturday this year.

The picture shows only the front of the parade -- the various lights running down the walkway are all other kids, with various costumes, some of them quite aggrieved because protective moms made them put warm coats on over their outfits! chilly night tonight for Hallowe'eners. And there are a lot of tiny kids clustering around their elders, but invisible to the camera!

A welcoming committee of Dollivers, having won a short but nonetheless vigorous argument about who was to be on candy watch, set up the candy just in the nick of time before the first alien arrived, and were duly admired, their main motive in all this.

Happy Hallowee'en, everyone!


Sara said...

So sweet!

I remember arguing with my mother about having to wear a coat that would cover up my beautiful costume. I suppose that's a phenomenon that will never change . . .

brad said...

I don't like Halloween either. None of the kids who came by had scary costumes, but we had our house done up for a Halloween party. I didn't want the scary pictures up until the end.

annie1931 said...

Have to admit I was a lover of the scary stuff - but the girls liked to dress up in pirate/princess/beauty queen/or jewel box, but mum was expected to become a witch at the door. The green chalk was hard to get off my face, too.

I wonder how many of the building's youngsters attended the downstairs halloween do for them. You reminded me that I meant to ask.

Heather said...

Happy halloween! We don't get any trick-or-treaters in the building. It's practical, I suppose, but I do miss handing out candy.