Monday, October 18, 2010

The Dollivers exercise their franchise

Since New Jersey has mail-in voting for all even those who are not, like HP, on the permanently disabled list and receive all their ballots at home, we now vote together, at the table which becomes the voting station, and this year the Dollivers assisted with the procedure of getting the stuff into the mail.

Dollivers at the mailbox grappling with the ballots, don't drop the envelopes, don't drop ME.

This being a midterm election, not as exciting as a Presidential one, but vital all the same, we were keen to get our faves back into power in the state as well as in DC. Not to mention the sheriff, yes we have a sheriff, but I don't think he wears a star and a big hat, and freeholders, yes, we have them too, great historical title, and assemblypeople, including the blessed Greenstein whose aides have helped me with all kinds of knots the state treasury has tried to tied me up in, instead of giving me my own mone back. And Rush Holt for Congress again, our rocket science rep and all around good guy, one of the few politicians I ever met who dared to say I don't know in answer to a question, followed by, but I'll find out and I'll get back on that, and he does.

I think I'll kick them into place just to make sure.

I did nothing to correct the Ds impression that we were voting for Rights for Dollivers, not wanting them to rip up the ballots and throw them in the brisk wind which wasn't helping us all at the mailbox this morning.

But they did point out that their assistance as poll workers merited a trip out for their new dresses -- and pink dress Dolliver pointed out that this was the ideal time for her to wear her designer knitted silk dress with matching hat, and her Michele Obama leather belt. Amid a chorus of my dress is silk, too, neener, and I have POLKA DOTS, and I have LACE and I have a GARDEN PARTY HAT which I won't go out in, too windy for it, we made the trip.

Once home they decided the photo shoot should include a gangshot of the new duds

and their ever appreciative audience, HP.

The Ds. did stop posing long enough to say they were glad his dentist came on Friday and did a terrific job, removed the broken and dodgy tooth and root, very very tricky, even the Dollivers were in awe of the skill, and so fast that Boud was wondering when he was going to pull it out and realized it was done and stitching was under way. Oh.

No aftereffects, largely because Dr. Y. has almost completed a year long residency, over and above many years of homecare dentistry and tricky procedures, in special oral surgery at Temple U in Philadelphia, and explained he used some advanced skills to get this nice result for HP.

The Dollivers asked me if I fancied proposing him for sainthood, since the Pope is in the mood at the moment, heck, he had to look as far as Australia for a candidate, but I said, nah, it's okay, he can manage just with our profound gratitude and a card at Christmas.

Happy Monday!


  1. I used to do my hair just like the Dolliver on the far right. We must be related.

  2. Voting now? Wow - the Dollivers certainly get around! Glad to hear HP's tooth woes are over and that it went smoothly.

  3. Wonderful you have such a dentist. I have no idea if there is such a person up here anywhere.

    The Pope has been busy, a Quebecker was turned into a saint on Sunday...not sure what his miracle was, but there has to be one else you just don't get 'done'. Didn't know there was one in Australia!

  4. Tthe D's look adorable in those Votes for Women costumes. All the best to your tooth guy. Just reading the description of the procedure made me cringe. Ugh! Glad that that's over.

  5. So glad the dentistry has finally been done and went well.

    Cool duds on the Ds too.


  6. Sounds like the dentist did the trick.


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