Friday, October 8, 2010

Today is another day, or TGIF!

Yesterday was a day written in infamy, starting from the failure of the home health aide to appear until I'd already done all the morning care, saying oh sorry I'm late, got stuck, don't have a cellphone.

I was civil, and spared her the language I was thinking....then there were a series of seizure crises all day, complete with urgent emails and calls back from doctor to nurse to me to pharmacist and many permutations thereof. Luckily, a nurse arrived on a scheduled visit among all this and was able to give me expert observation and a discussion with the doctor right away. So everyone's up to date at once.

And further, among all this, HP announced he thought he must have swallowed the crown and post that has been causing the trouble, since it was gone and he didn't know where. Urgent calls to dentist ensued. She reassured that he's okay till next week's scheduled time, if pain starts get dentist on Monday. Later it showed up in the folds of his afghan, and has been preserved for the dentist to view. Or the tooth fairy, whoever shows up first.

And an anxiety ridden run to pharmacy to pick up new meds, no neighbors at home to ask, nobody to leave with HP. So now a new approach to small seizures that might lead to a grand mal one is now in place, thanks to blessed doctor, better advice than any of the six, count them, neurologists we've consulted over the years.

Totally exhausted by mid afternoon, but the new meds caused a nice afternoon nap for HP, so I threw myself down in the recliner and was asleep in moments. Later part of the day smoother and calmer.

Then in the evening I needed to put up a new batch of bread dough, but seem to have put in the pizza dough yeast by mistake. This is probably why the dough stayed fairly liquid, all night. So I figured, this is good stuff, as my Mom used to say when something didn't quite work as planned, though she was a terrific cook, it's All Good Ingredients! and I realized I may as well make flatbreads on top of the stove, and used up all the dough, making seven individual pizza bases, yay. I needed the same bowl the dough had been in, to make actual bread today, hence the rush. I felt like an Indian housewife doing all these flatbreads.

However, just so you know all was NOT disaster yesterday, I got a wonderful freecycle offer of a big bag of clothes, many new, in my size, and HS is gallantly picking them up this morning on his way to work and will deliver them when he visits tomorrow. This is exactly the kind of treat I totally needed, cheered me a whole lot.

AND the kimono has a future little owner! no problem with sizing, since the baby has not yet arrived, and I just like very much the description I've had of the parents and why they'll love it as a gift from the friend I'm sending it to. My knitting really gets around! the shrug went to Texas, the kimono to California.

Meanwhile, back at the recliner, reading has been saving my sanity! Nicholson Baker, and Julian Barnes.

You can't go wrong really. Baker is an odd writer. He's very irritating and cutesy for its own sake, then he gets serious and says perfectly wonderful stuff.

The whole of The Anthologist is worth reading for this part: about threading beads on a necklace as a gift, he says "as soon as it's on, you lose interest in it and let it slip down and away, and you're on to the next one." Exactly how I operate in art, I love this. It's not about niggling over the same thing, it's about using the experience from one to move to the next, and you end up with something worth having. That wasn't exactly his point, but I like it anyway.

The Dollivers were quite irritated to find that it was Anthologist, not Andollogist, but insisted on the pictures anyway. And one Dolliver posed with Barnes' England, because as she says, oughta be Zadie Smith in here, Zadie rules! as it happens, Barnes is good, too, very funny and so deeply knowledgeable that he doesn't have to keep on telling you he is! very graceful reading. Any of his books. Even if he doesn't refer to Zadie Smith.

And the Box of Matches is the next Baker on my reading list, just now started on it. He has a great way of talking about minute details without being tedious and stuck in them. As you can see from the slenderness of his books, always a good thing.

Smallest Dolliver pointed out that since she can't read yet, she will bring her doll along and another Dolliver can read to her.

Sounds like a plan.


  1. Sorry yesterday was so frantic for the first half. I hope the coming weekend will be peaceful for you both.

  2. Oh my - you've been through the wringer again. Life just seems to flow between crises' doesn't it. Be sure you're taking care of you during all this.

  3. Glad you got a nap. ! to the bag of clothes. The dolliver looks nice and cozy in her mock-t neck.

  4. Good heavens...not much to add, except that I'm sending soothing vibes your way! A time for rescue remedy, perhaps?

  5. Oh dear, what is there to Heather, I send soothing, strengthening, whatever-might-be-useful vibes on a constant basis.

    Love the book reviews and the dollies!


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