Monday, October 11, 2010

October food of all kinds!

Literal food is the two nice loaves I made with dough that made bread this time, rather than pizza bases (which are in the freezer waiting for an urge to eat pizza)

Sun shining through the trees, food for the eye and ear, birds, you know

and along the tree-lined path, yet another one, I have a few of these around here.

Food for international relations the two Indian ladies taking a gentle walk through the park

And food for the spirit is the border out in the front yard, still blooming away, no frost yet

Food for thought is the note my neighbor left this morning, torn off the Wall Street Journal, indicating that it's being used to housetrain a puppy. Hm. I wonder if Wall Street knows that.

Evidently it's failing in its goal, since the neighbor now wants to add my New York Times and Star Ledger to the mix. Who said newspapers had had their day?


  1. That will be one well-read puppy by the time it's done with its housetraining!

  2. Testing, testing, I hear there are posting troubles today.


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