Sunday, October 10, 2010


Duncan pointed out the total auspiciousness of the date, and even more so when a friendly black cat gets involved and puts his favorite leaf on the sign.

Of course the Dollivers have to capitalize immediately, having seen the newspaper inserts all about Hallowe'en supplies and costumes. They all want to go as princesses.

They also saw some of the freecycle haul of lovely clothes I received yesterday, a bag of which is being passed on in its turn, not my style, though lovely, and they noticed a black foofy polka dotted top, diaphanous, just their fancy. And the lace ribbon I received in another freecycle, and promptly decided it was for them. And enlisted Marigold

and Duncan in their picketing.

Cats are not usually particularly union minded, more on the rugged individual side of the spectrum, but they figured why not, we'll lend a sympathy vote.

So it looks as if the next craft adventures will be Foofy Costumes for Dollivers, who will pose when they are all dressed up and ready to trick or treat.

As the Ds point out, it's not as if I was busy or anything.


  1. Yay for the Dollivers! Never had much use for unions but have to admit their campaign is rather inspiring.

  2. Hmm...wait till the Ds learn about trick or treat... Notice the "I am not a witch" black cat...Heh!

  3. I worked at a event all day yesterday for 10-10-10. Then came home to read that one of my friends' son, Collin had a birthday yesterday and turned TEN! He wins the prize. Auspiciousness in spades.

    And now, I'm off to the dentist for a checkup. No dolls, but soon I'll be wearing my you-hat. :)


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