Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Newsflash from Our Dollivood Reporter

EmCee, our Dollivood observer and reporter, sent in this newsflash:

The Dollivers' picketing has evidently paid dividends coast to coast. They are now in a huddle, torn between wearing hard hats to honor the Chilean miners' rescue, and campaigning to get their own bubblebath hot tub.

As they said, seize the day,let's do both, it's not every day we can be shovers and makers, we mean movers and shakers.

Reminded that they now have national union responsibilities, they pointed out that the least the union of Dollivers and Allied Barbies, aka DAB or Dolliver Nation, can do is provide decent workplace amenities to the founding Ds.

If Barbies have a conference bubblebath, Dollivers should, too. And they bet the Chilean miners would agree with them that a nice bubblebath is just the ticket after a shift in the mine. Or the D's clubhouse. They generously offered to campaign for bubblebaths for Chilean miners and their families to celebrate their rescue, too, so there's that.

Having exhausted the social responsibility impulses of the Ds, it only remains to remind blogistas that you can read the text of the riveting press release courtesy of EmCee, guest blogger, by clicking once to get to a new screen, then again to biggify it.

And to be seriously thankful with all of us that the miners have seen the light of day finally.


  1. I supported the Dollivers when they went up against the management in the Big TP Crisis of 2009. After all, no American of any race, creed or fabric should have to make do with 1-ply toilet paper. That was the kind of battle for workplace amenities that we could all get...ahem, behind. But a hot tub! Now the Dollivers are going too far.

  2. Hurray for the safe extraction of the Chilean miners! Bubble baths for everyone!

  3. I see the Dollivers now have a cousin in Canada - how cool is that!! The family tree is growing. I'm not so sure about the bubble bath tho - do they realize how long it would take to dry off and how chilly they would get?

  4. A Dolliver in Canada? Goodie. Brave miners, even braver rescue team, and thank goodness all ended well.

    Lovely day here, cold this morning, but going up. Library has a pick up for me, hooray - I've but two to keep me going over the weekend. The Anthologist is most enjoyable.

    Be well


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