Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cheerfulness keeps breaking in!

Such wonderful weather today, and HS over to spend most of the day, and let me get out and shop and visit the farm and generally catch up and who couldn't be more cheerful then?

The farm is in full fall fig, with the flowers

and the vegetables all booming, and the pumpkin fields, complete with imported pumpkins to fancy them up a bit, all doing their job. And children

running out to pick their pumpkins, and Indian customers

buying their vegetables, wonderful customers for veggie growers, especially of unusual varieties. I loved this lady in the saffron colored sari, perfect choice for an early October day.

The light is clearly October even if you didn't look at the calendar. A kind of golden light and a darker blue sky. September is more yellow light, and August is white light. November will be a darker blue light, and December grey.

HP is doing better, and our lives are still a bit in flux, because his illness evidently unleashes more help than just the nursing care and the lab work -- we may be getting a home health aide a couple of times a week. If they can send one at the right time to be useful, that is. Morning is when most of our needs happen. Later than that there's nothing much that would engage their skills, since morning nursing care has been done by me. So we'll see how that works.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my setpoint of cheerfulness has taken hold again, and despite huge fatigue, I feel much more optimistic, and noticing weird little things which amuse me.

Such as the dental hygienist recently talking about the music being piped into the office, oh, I love this group, and they have a wonderful song about put me in coach. Whereupon I wondered how on earth there could be a song about airline travel....and eventually realized when she told me a bit more of the lyrics, that it was put me in, Coach, some sporting thing, heh. Oh well.

Or a recent reference to HP and creative knitting arising therefrom, and again I wondered what powerful imagination could create knitting from the theme of Hewlett Packard...a printer cover? a cartridge cosy? and eventually discovered it was all about Harry Potter.

Speaking of knitting, that everlasting tranquillizer, I have embarked on a baby kimono, the belt being all finished now, no baby in view for it yet, but I have some thoughts about where to find a taker...just wanted to make this piece, which is knitted from the top, and is generally a fairly new experience for me in knitting architecture.

Interestingly, knitting is a tranquillizer for HP as well as me! he is soothed and reassured by seeing me knitting quietly away, all's well then. When there's more to see, I'll give you a pic. Meanwhile, I find that the pink yarn won't be enough, so I'm cutting in purple, too. I hate this color combo, but a lot of people love it, and I won't be the recipient, so that's fine.

I might be looking for a little candidate for this in the near future, I'll let you know, dear blogistas from ten, count them, countries! just checked my stats and I'm very happy about this.


  1. Nice to know you have followers from so many countries Liz. Just a pity that none of us are closer to be able to give you a bit of you time.

    Funny how the knitting is soothing for both of you. Maybe it subconsciously tells HP that everything is ok and under control if you're able to sit and knit. May you have time to sit and knit a lot more.


  2. Hugs to you, Liz. I have just caught up on a couple of weeks of posts and it sounds like you have been through the wringer. (Do people still use that phrase and do they know to what it refers, I wonder?)

    May peace pursue you.


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