Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Robins, shadows and waiting

Election Day, and we voted weeks ago, seems like history to us except that it's not counted yet. And while we wait hoping and hoping for the best, and looking forward to the end of the advertising and being glad of the secret ballot -- and people who know me know that I value the secret ballot to the point of thinking it's the ultimate in tacky to ask someone how she voted -- today's walk yielded quite a bit of thought.

One of those brilliant Fall days with no wind, just brilliant cold sunshine, and the shadows were eloquent.

The robins, mobs of them, were busy stocking up on berries while the stocking is good, and bold enough to ignore people with cameras

The shadow of the snowfence looking like a huge downtown building until you realize how flimsy the structure is

The permanent etchings left by leaves which have been rained on and frozen into blacktop, natural art

The reverse, a leaf with open areas

Shadows on blacktop

These images are meant to sustain us all as we see what unfolds!

Anyone who thinks this year's campaign is the bitterest ever clearly doesn't know her American history! to wit: check into Jefferson's shenanigans in the course of stopping Adams from getting a second term. Just for starters! So I'm not shocked by it, it's just part of the big mosaic. I may wish it were otherwise, but there you are. Democracy is a lot of things, but pretty is one thing it isn't.

If there are any readers whose polls are still open and who get to vote in the US, please do remember to do so, okay? Or the Dollivers will be on your case...

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  1. Nice photos, especially the frozen leaf marks...that's a keeper!


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