Sunday, November 28, 2010

But that was yesterday....

Losses, oh losses.....this is only partly tragic, since the loss in question is an appliance. This is now

and that was then.

You will note on closer scrutiny that the dw had its share of rust and duct tape and has been staggering along for um, months that way, failing to drain now and then, being dosed with hot wash and white vinegar to fix it, being taken apart and cleaned, and generally getting a higher level of tlc than it deserved.

It was in fact a bottom of the line dw, only chosen because it was literally the only one on the market which had a swing open lever that HP could operate, at that time he still being able to more or less walk, holding on, and anxious to keep on doing what he could do in the house. But the little pull out doohickeys and the button ones were impossible for him with numb hands. So I sighed and got this one.

That was late November several years ago, why appliances go out around the holiday, this is a musing for another time. But my experience of washing machines dying at New Year, and refrigerators croaking for the Fourth of July, and air conditioners going out right before a heatwave, and two dishwashers in a row conking right before the Dishes of Thanksgiving, may be a small statistical sample. But as my doctor says about statistics: if you've got it, it's a one hundred per cent incidence!

Anyway, I'm washing dishes by hand and using the dishwasher as a posh draining rack. Can't face Christmas crowds in the stores, so I'm doing homework online then I'll proceed to Mrs Gs, my fave local store, except dear old Mrs G. went to the great warehouse in the sky last year, in her late nineties, having literally sat in the family store, supervising and making all go well, for about 70 years. Her daughter in law is now in charge, and if they've kept their installers, this will be fine.

Better than last time around when I ended up at Home Depot, the only place with the dishwasher Handsome Partner could operate, and they delivered it three days late, near midnight, and flatly refused to remove the old one or install the new one, on the grounds that there was a labor dispute on! ended up getting our friend and neighbor and appliance diagnostician, Helen, to install it for us, which she did promptly, she being furious at the way HD had treated us. We did get a lot of apologies from them, but it didn't do us much good. Let's just say they're not on my shopping rounds any more.

You will note a total absence of Dollivers in this scene where actual work is threatened. They tell me they're writing their letters to Santa.


  1. Dollivers don't wash dishes. EVERYBODY knows that. The water and steam makes their yarn frizz. Nobody likes frizz. Frizz is not attractive. Dollivers are all about appearances. People have tried to move them away from their focus on appearance towards a devotion to churchwork. But in a church you have to go all the way downstairs and down a narrow hallway in dangerous proximity to preschool rooms full of children with sticky fingers to find one very inadequate bathroom with a mirror to check one's do for frizz.

  2. HD is a dirty word in our household too - their customer service is definitely not what it should be. Dollivers absolutely can't do dishes because they might drown in the dishwater (everybody knows they can't swim!)

  3. Eeek, I couldn't live without my DW. I do do dishes by hand occasionally but have much better things to do with them. Hope you can get a nice bright and shiny one quickly with trouble free installation after the moving on of Mrs G. With luck the hardest part will be working out the new controls and configuration of the racks.


  4. I do dishes in the sink. Sometimes a nice, big drying rack like that would be handy.


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