Sunday, November 14, 2010

Inward freecycling

Just to show that freecycle works both ways, it occurred to me that since I've been giving a lot of nice stuff to nice people, most recently a lovely suede Chanel style brown jacket that needed wider shoulders than mine, and an Italian made crystal ceiling light on behalf of a neighbor, it would be okay to put in a request of my own.

My ancient scanner had finally decided she wanted to retire from active service, and having done all the first aid I know, I agreed with her. And I put up a modest request for a scanner, no need for an all-in-one, since I have a good printer. And instantaneously I was offered an almost brand new scarcely used HP scanjet.

And shortly after, another offer arrived in case the first one didn't work out. So yesterday I picked up the first one, and HS was here and kindly downloaded the applicable software, and installed it for me. I could probably have done this, but it would have taken hours and cursing, rather than the peaceful 20 minutes, humming quietly that the knowledgeable Son put into it. And did a test scan. And it worked fine. Yay. So, pausing only to thank the giver, and the would-be giver, too, I set about taking a picture of the new arrival. Mainly to show HP, in fact, since he can't get to where it lives, and was curious about this new electronic thing.

Funny coda: after I offered my old scanner on freecycle, in case anyone can use the parts or the cables or the installation disk, etc., I got an email telling me that there was someone yesterday looking for a scanner....I didn't like to make the sender feel silly by saying, yeah, that was ME! so I just said, thanks, I'll check into it...

And now that my friend Maureen whom I visited the other day, after not seeing each other for ages, showed me her new Kindle, a birthday gift, I wonder if I dare ask on Freecycle if anyone has an older Kindle they would like to part with if they got a new one....hmmmmm. Marketers say that once you've handled an object you're a lot more likely to want to own it! this may be true. Anyway, we'll see!

I have now become the Official Neighborhood Freecycler, since the neighbor I freecyled the light fitting for and various other good items as he reno's the house, and HS, who has very little time at home for freecycling but has some items to pass along, are both active in this little enterprise. As is my own forays into the dumpster enclosure from which I freecycle all kinds of great kitchen and children's items. It's a kind of volunteer activity in a way. Says she virtuously. Actually it's fun, too.


  1. Yes, I do this for the building too, Liz. They're happy to get rid of stuff - and I get first dibs on the treasures!

  2. too cool! I've been turned down from the closest freecycle group to me twice now. :( they say I live too far away. way bummer for me.

  3. I get on Freecycle kicks where I write a bunch of descriptions all at once. Then don't do anything for a while. Then start the flurry all over again. I'm about due for another one . . .

  4. Don't you fall in that dumpster. We don't want anyone freecycling you. You are too precious.



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