Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Upcoming adventures in art

Our local library gallery is about to celebrate the new building in December, having been opening in segments for months now, with a blowout exhibit of self portraits of artists and others. But this is going to be a virtual show, very exciting, don't ask me how to visualize it, it's a high tech deal.

What's going to happen is that the jpeg pix artists have sent in will be projected on the highest part of the building, the tower, to be viewed from the town center! How this will happen I do not know, but that it will happen is a certainty, given that Jinny B. and Donna S. are in charge of it.

I'm used to having work exhibited on the internet, have been in more than a couple of international showings and been featured in various zines online, but this is a new departure.

And my own part of the exhibit is seen here. It's actually part of a work that's almost life sized, but the head part is best for this purpose.

It's made from telephone wire, copper wire, artist made beads, found object beads, fabric, knitted, woven, stitched and hand molded. And I immodestly add that it won a Best in Show on its first trip out. So I figured it would work for this show.

And of course the Dollivers were quick to point out that why, it's a big Dolliver! even then She knew! we need a family portrait here.

And Marigold evidently agreed, and inserted herself into the scene. She's part Dolliver. Either that or Dollivers are part Burmese cat. Aside from a lot of grumbling about the poor set lighting and the photo shoot carried out with fewer than the usual technicians, the other Dollivers being busy with their gift knitting for various friends, it turned out as well as can be expected.

So now that the entry has been made, easiest show selection and entry I ever did, all that remained was to take a lovely brisk walk in the sunshine and catch a few pix of trees and clouds in various stages of turning leaves, changing shape, and generally acting like some of the Powers That Be's better compositions!


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