Monday, November 22, 2010

Orchids please! Today We Are Two

Today, November 22, is the second anniversary of the opening of this blog. It's our Blogversary! No, I will refrain from talking about long strange roads and journeys and things, just say, gosh that went fast!

And to thank you all, dear blogistas, for your wise and witty comments and encouragements and observations and general air of being there.

As the bard would say: Wheeeeeeee!!


  1. Happy blogversary! Here's to many more!!

  2. and by count? don't forget to note the 100th post, the 500th, the 1000nd one
    (says helen who always does!)

  3. The time has flown by. Love your blog. Long may you continue.

  4. Keep it up. Just love it.



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