Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dollivers Knit for their Friends

The little present has arrived at its destination, so now I can show you the picture.
At least the Dollivers can. They not only claim to have designed this scarf, but insisted on modeling it in a gangshot.

It's a scarf, designed (adapted from another one I made) using the short row method. If you like the technicality of this, the Ds. explain that they knitted it to within six stitches of the end, then turned, and went on short rowing from there until within six stitches of the other end, then proceeded back again.

You start with a triangle before embarking on the short rows. End with another triangle.

This was knitted from part of the fiber share of homespun and hand dyed yarn that Heather gave me, one of the nicest presents I ever had, from Shepherd Susie's flock. This fiber share has now gone into more than one knitted FO, parts of several tapestries, and into renovation work. Talk about multi tasking.

Wonderful yarn, great to handle, and when I blocked it, having rescued it from Duncan in the middle of the night, when he seized it in the bathtub where it was drying on a frame, rolled about with it madly like it was dyed with catnip, it went very pliable and soft and just nice. I think it will wear forever, too.

So this is a Good Thing! and the recipient likes it, always a big plus, say the Dollivers. Who insisted on a second shot, just to milk it.


  1. I really like that design. I need to get back to knitting. Maybe I can do it in my sleep.

  2. And the grey sweater coat sits lonely and ignored in a bag behind the sofa. That scarf's design is really pretty!

  3. It's gorgeous - such a lovely shade of red!

  4. I can hear the Dollivers from here - clamoring for their own version of the scarf. You might have started a trend!!

  5. It's a wonderful scarf. I love it.

  6. That's beautiful - and very warm, I'm sure! I wish I could knit... my fingers just really don't understand what it is they're supposed to be doing...


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