Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ze denteest.....It only took seven days, five phone calls, chats with Brenda, Jennifer, and two other characters in this endless comedy, and a week of anxiety and sleepless nights, and finally after waiting yet again, I called this morning, deciding better to be a pain than a victim (oh, I like that, I must use it again), and got profuse apologies after a long wait on hold. Which tells me we were overlooked and now quickly booked in. Dentist will come to the house late next week. Since he's seen the situation, I trust that he knows it will wait that long without problems.

I really hate having to push and push and get nice people all annoyed when they realize they've fallen down on the job, but now I can plan other stuff since I know what day to expect him.

And a new situation has arisen with severe disorientation and fear because HP now realizes he has lost a lot of memory, couldn't even recognize the food on his breakfast plate yesterday until I explained it bit by bit. As the day went on he said, ah, my thinking feels better now, and it did. He read the paper, more or less, still somewhat irrational, but at least feeling calmer. More doctor involvement to happen here.

Did I mention that I got a summons to jury duty yesterday, such timing? went to the wrong address first, so I quickly wrote back requesting an excuse, and fervently hope I get one. They're desperate for the jury pool, so I may have to fight.

And the state preprinted a form for me wrt tax refund on property tax (NJ has the highest such tax in the nation, so this ain't peanuts) with the wrong property printed on it.

The voicemail tree which you are supposed to use to apply for the rebate, says, oh oh, you can't make this claim if you don't live there, you have to call us at this number. No way other than that to make corrections to the form.

I call the number, there's a permanent voicemail on it saying they are not accepting calls, and I should go to the website, which I did, and the experience just duplicated the original voicemail tree only on a screen.

No further on. I wrote to my state rep, who is campaigning for reelection, hoping she'll help me yet again do battle with the state. No response yet. I wrote to the state, too, vain hope, requesting that they fix the situation.

Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, it's been a quiet and pleasant period....our new respite student is perfectly lovely, a real bright spot. Good to have one bright spot. Well, two, since we do have a dental appointment. Well, three, since you lovely blogista friends are always there for us.


  1. You have been getting a great run around with the taxes.

    I hope the visit from the dentist goes well.

  2. Glad to see you are still maintaining your balance on that tightrope that is your life at the moment.

  3. I have to swear Liz "BLOODY HELL - IT NEVER RAINS IT'S A BLOODY DELUGE!" Thank God for small mercies and the dental appointment has been sorted and your bright spot is working out well. I'm sure this too will eventually pass with the tax-man but it might prove to be a little more difficult than the dentist. Government departments are not known for their speed.

    Any news on the travelling journals?

    Continuing to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


  4. Bureaucracy makes me totally crazy. Keep up the good fight, Liz!

    CBC radio here in Canada has a feature called "going public" when someone is trying to fight the system.

    Letters to the Editor in your local paper, maybe?


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