Monday, September 20, 2010

The Housing Crisis Solved

The Dollivers ambition knows no bounds.

When this Chinese basket complete with lock, appeared at the dumpster this morning, put there by very old Chinese neighbor who I've no doubt fully expected me to shoot out of my house like a cuckoo clock over the street to pick it up, I thought, hm a nice sewing or knitting basket or something.

But once opened, and the original contents, a molded form which used to hold a teapot and two cups, made from loose fiber and fabric, very pretty, was removed

there was a perfectly nice basket, which the Ds instantly claimed as the Traveling Dolliver Clubhouse.

I saw the MetLife blimp overhead a couple of days ago, and figured that it was involved with the Princeton football season, but now I realize it was for this shot of the Ds in their clubhouse.

I hear they're negotiating for an engine to be installed so that they can travel without the waiting around for me to go shopping, and meanwhile, they have tested it for size, very snug, and it's now in situ, with the big dog guarding it.

The puppy is underneath everyone, I gather.

They may perhaps be putting me on notice that the Dollivers clan is complete, too, since one more D and we'll have to find a new clubhouse...but since the meetings take place with the clubhouse locked, I am not au fait with the latest D decisions.


  1. The Dollivers can get around in style now :-) and stay out of the rains too.

  2. I laughed out loud at this blog. Fun dollivers.

  3. Your imagination knows no bounds as a supposed mature adult. I would love to know what you came up with as a child. How does the saying go? "Growing old is compulsory, growing up is not". Or words to that effect - they suit you perfectly. Please keep on with the adventures. The entertainment is great.



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