Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skippers Ahoy! flitting

We've had a lot of visits to the wildflowers and the sedum today from various butterflies

and bees and other insects and earlier today from a hummingbird, zooming about the wildflowers, totally ignoring the tame flowers. To humans the containers of wildflowers don't look like much, but to wildlife, it's, well, catnip.

And watching the butterflies flitting and sipping, sipping and flitting, felt exactly like writing a blog.

Whatever's on the mind at the moment gets in there for better or worse...

Today I'm wondering which I'll have carved on my tombstone: Seize the Day! or She Knew What She Was Doing. Both remind me vividly of Victorian novel titles, but never mind about that. That's the advice I want to give after death (no control issues there, noooooo). But my mantra in life, sometimes uttered in a scream, sometimes in a gentler tone is: I'm Doing My Best! sometimes followed by Dammit.

What's your mantra that gets you through, now or hereafter? Do share.

And no, I'm not looking into the chasm. This is just a fun game.


  1. Mine is "Is anybody going to die to because of it?" Just trying to keep a few people close to me, with short fuses, from having heart attacks.


  2. Mine is "be brave"! This is what my mother said to me the last time I saw her and her words have echoed in my head down the years. Mind you there are times when I get sick and tired of being brave.

  3. Mine is "no regrets" - 'cause that's what I want to make sure I have when I am assigned to that rocker on the porch and have to watch everythhing going on around me. I've done a pretty good job, so far. ;-)


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