Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bon Voyage, Bears!

The Dollivers, their shaggy dogs, and the three bears had a grand farewell party,

complete with high fives from the little porcelain Dolliver to the last of the bears, and the shaggy dog? he followed the Dollivers home, they had to keep him. Then they found a shaggy puppy for the porcelain doll, sigh.

so,dog farewells before they leave,

and general partying and noise.

And the official Bear Farewell Portrait

Tomorrow they set off on the first leg of their journey: here to PO, to Canada, to mom of nurse, to nurse's suitcase, to plane, to Haiti and the arms of little kids. With great thanks from me for the chance to do this, and for the imaginative approach of a nurse planning to take her own personal gear in a small case and stuff her one allowed suitcase with bears, if'n she gets a whole lot, which I hope she will.

Bye, bears! great fun to work with all of you. Study your French on the flight, okay? Dites bonjour aux gosses Haitiens.

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  1. They are too cute and I'm sure will be much loved. I hope the good nurse gets plenty to take too.



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