Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blood, prayer and bread

Unavoidable echo of Churchill's oratory, don't get me many problems with that person, but the rhythm of his prose took hold at an early age, as a little kid in the house with the nine o clock news from the BBC in wartime, bringing us, as the old joke went, news of fresh disasters...

Anyway, the blood reference is to a routine blood test thing I had to do, nothing alarming, but pretty high tech when you think about it. A person had to get it, but a machine will read it, pass on the info, a computer will record it, and blessedly a person will call to let know what's up.

So, since I was in the neighborhood and had coverage for HP, I nipped over to the labyrinth, with the intent of walking it with A. I. in mind, a thing I do now and then, keep a specific person and their current situation in mind.

It was one of those scrappy experiences, where my mind was all over the place, outdoing the monkey mind in its antics, and I remembered the sage who said, don't worry about it, you're just hearing the normal noise in your head! keep walking slowly, watch each foot advance, see what happens to you.

And what happens is always amazing. This time I found a little square of glass, glittering, sharp edges, but beautiful, very mathematically sharp, too, oddly appropriate for the recipient of the meditation. I carried it around and placed it in the center of the labyrinth where you put an object, and stand confirming that you have arrived at the center with your questions, before turning to exit, and experience the unwinding that always happens in the labyrinth.

There's always a new thought, or message, or something. And this time it was about how this was my job this fine Saturday morning, to walk the labyrinth with a particular person and her family in mind. No need to stress over how engrossed I could get in meditating, just do it. No need to stress over whether it helps her, just do it.

Chop wood, carry water.

Then home to lovely lunch with HP and HS, who always enjoys his Saturday meal with us, and a discussion of the newest high tech enterprises he's embarked on. Then later I made a batch of bread, ancient food, ancient form of meditation. Bread is alive, that's why it's so good to work with. It works back at you. And we ate some of the results today, so good.

One extreme to the other -- ancient to modern and back again in one day.


  1. It's so lovely to read you Boud. I know I rarely comment, and should.. but I read regularly and of course, think of you fondly always.

  2. Sometimes I find it difficult to post a comment. I feel you should just be a mind reader. This post left me with all sorts of thoughts all over the place. Such as "remember the Dardenelles" was years before I understood Mam's quote. I tried to make a small labyrinth once using yarn, fabric string. Didn't quite manage it but I really learned about the design. People were so clever to think of this..Chartes..lovely cathedral. See what I mean about jumping jack thoughts.

  3. Thank you. I agree with dogonart - please read my mind! I will meditate on your symbol - so far it seems perfect. I like to believe that the square of glass is small enough to be stable. Oh but those sharp edges - maybe they need to be smoothed off a little.

  4. For me, the "bread is alive" part really jumped out. Always so good to come here and read you, Liz.


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