Thursday, August 12, 2010

Young Collectors' Summer Show

At the library where a while back I showed you a terrific elephant collection in the glass case, today there were two collections, all done earnestly and with great seriousness by the young collectors, and shown in the cases near the checkout, so that they get a lot of attention from other kids and adults like me.

One is the keychain collection of an eleven year old girl,

I think crafted by her from those standard keychain things, great fun, kids waiting to check out books, picking out their favorites and so on,

and the other is a fearsome exhibit of Wild Things put together by a seven year old boy. It looks like the natural history version of paper dolls, where you pop out and build the shapes to make various interesting things.

He had three shelves, showing his versatility!

The Great Barrier Reef,

Ancient Earth

and the Amazon Jungle.

I had just been reading magazines, total luxury, on my respite time at the libe, looking at interior design things full of artful whimsy and witty little ideas, the kind that if a decorator does it it's witty, and if a civilian does it it's more like what the heck is that thing? anyway, all very self conscious, especially the playful stuff.

So what a treat it was to see this simple, serious presentation of stuff with no irony intended at all, just the enthusiasm of a young collector or two. So I thought I'd share.


  1. Great to know that folk are still collecting things! And how imaginative of the young chap.

  2. I love it when kids have an interest or hobby other than being glued to the TV or computer. Thanks for sharing Liz.


  3. Having displays of things kids would be interested in the library seems like a good idea. Helps make a trip to the library a positive experience and maybe helps get them interested in reading about the material in the display or doing an activity, like te_roti commented.


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