Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Robin, robin, who's got the journals?

This post is in the nature of a housekeeping venture. Partly because it's August, and another heatwave is hitting us, and my brain is ticking gently over, more in reptilian mode than its usual high speed operation.

However, there are just a few things. One is: the Round Robin Journals. I'll post pix to remind you about them in case you have one or both lying on your desk and you've forgotten what they heck they are.

Please: who's got them????? and do you need to be reminded who gets them after you??? interested parties need to know. Just email me, okay? You don't want to be hunted down by the Dollivers.

That reminds me that a couple of people wonder what sort of comments I get when I set the Ds up for a photo shoot. Answer: none! very funny. Either people think I'm demented and they'd better not get me upset, or they think something very strange is happening and they don't want to be involved, or they know me and think, oh, I'll check Field and Fen in a couple of days and find out what was going on. Whatever, nobody says anything, which is actually funniest of all.

Next, a lot of people email me saying dangit they can't post in here, because they don't have whatever the ID is that the system is asking for. But all you need to do if that's the case, you don't have a Yahoo or a Google account, etc., is post as Anonymous! what a concept. If you put your name in the body of your comment, we know it's you. In this context anonymous just means not a specialized ID. Nothing more sinister than that.

And it's August, famous birthday time. No, not Barack, though I hear he has a bday around now, too, but Handsome Son!!! next Sunday. And one of our neighbors and great friends will be 75 on the same day. All the best people! and then there's Carol Q. and Liane and Eepy (on the Glorious Twelfth, Grouse Shooting opens in Scotland) and Marnie, blogger extraordinaire, and I always overlook SOMEONE, sorry, like I said my brain is at a low reptilian hum, rather than actual memory mode.

Anyway, happy birthdays to all, Hippo Birdies Two Ewes, bonnes anniversaires, felicitations, festina lente, very appropriate for a bday in hot weather, come to think of it...


  1. Glad to know that people only think you might be a bit nutty and best to stay away. Little do they know that it's the Noodle sisters they should be wary of!!


  2. I'm never lucky enough to come across someone like you with Dollies or whatever, and taking photos. The kind of people I come across aren't the kind I'd dare open a conversation with!! And I'm posting merrily everywhere now with my Google Account - Yay.

    I sent the journals off to Joyce P, so don't know where they went after that. Looking forward to seeing the pages posted when they return, eventually, to you.

  3. Happy Birthday to all. I waswondering about the journals. A bit like the old shell game isn't it?

  4. Um-mmmm.... that's ME peeking out from under the shell.... I do have the Treasures journal. We've been traveling just a bit (HAH!) and answering the demands of our large garden during the time we're home!

    And planning the next trip will not keep me from putting this baby in the mail. Soon!!

    JoyceP (the "P" MAY stand for Procrastinator!)

  5. That looks like a great journal. The Dollivers are cute.


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