Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall falling on us again

Signs of Fall appearing.

The houseplants are largely indoors as of yesterday, back from camp and cluttering up the living room.

Marigold and Duncan overjoyed to get their salad bar back, and planning on which to nosh on first.

Note to concerned cat lovers: none of these is bad for cats. In fact they're pretty good greens. The plants are more at risk than the kitties.

The ficus is now nearly to the ceiling and next year I will have to think of topping it off before it bends over like a tall person on a bus.

And one of the neighbors seized on the upcoming rainstorm to wash his car, hence all the bubbles floating down the street, very scenic.

I think he soaped up then let the rain rinse it off for him. This is a teenager in case you hadn't guessed.

Then after all the heat, wind and rain of the US Open Tennis, part way through last night's delayed-yet-again final (history making for Nadal, very exciting for all of us) there was a big thunderstorm in NY.

We're about an hour south by car, so when our own sky suddenly darkened

sun on the treetops, thunder in the sky, black clouds gathering, we figured the storm had moved south, and went back to the tennis and so it had. They were about ready to start up again.

This is like using the Old Farmer's Almanac to run the space shuttle!


  1. Fun photos, particularly special the last one of the thundery clouds and rich rusty-coloured leaves.

  2. Lovely pics. Glad to see you are using all that scientific background in your family..that's what a PHD is for after all...


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