Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dollivers and Old Lace

Since the Teddies for Haiti activities, there has been unrest among the Dollivers.

Even though they got TWO new dogs, about which there's some dispute over naming, maybe the big dog should be Olivier, and the puppy should be Olive in honor of the Mason Dixon dog, see Mason Dixon knitting blog, funniest blog on earth, there's still grumbling about how teddies get all the new stuff and Dollivers get nothing, we tell you, nothing....

So it just so happened that I was taking out the garbage the other day and there in the dumpster area is a very nice, clean, perfectly good hatbox complete with lid, perfect workbox for my sewing stuff, which came home with me. And there in it was a child size lace glove.

Which the Dollivers seized on and said, oh, LACE! this is something like! get making stuff for us. So the glove became a lace blouse for Dreads who has tolerated wearing a lovely warm raglan sweater and hat through the heatwave and was ready for a change, a jabot for her sister in the pink outfit, and a pair of lacy socks for two others. Not a scrap of glove left over after these adventures in cutting, no sewing involved.

One Dolliver has no lace getup, but I pointed out she has a DOG. And the little porcelain Dolliver has the puppy.

So they can all stop fussing now. Thank you.


  1. Wanna bet? I'd be willing to bet they'll think of something else they want before long.

  2. I'm with Magpie on this one - just you wait. "I want, I want, I want ......" worse than the kids. Maybe the hatbox would be a good place for the Dollivers when you would like a bit of peace (grin).

    Don't you just love those no-sew projects though?



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