Monday, June 15, 2015

Parva Carta and Bloomsday

Today being the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, Great Charter, where King John was pretty much forced at swordpoint to allow as how he was not all that, the Dollivers took note.  And they made unkind comparisons to Boud and how she's not all that, either, and demanded their own Magna Carta, bill of rights.

Which became in the course of heated discussion, the Parva Carta, since as Boud pointed out, the Ds are small, though she tactfully omitted any reference to their egos, so their charter ought to be The Small One, too.  And, with any luck, their demands, too.

Nothing daunted, they whipped out their first demand, and said there will be more:  here they want this Japanese style room to move into, except big enough for all the Ds and the Tinies and Elton.  

Notwithstanding my protest that this is a priceless art treasure, from the Thorne Collection in the Chicago Art Institute, which I recommend highly if you're in Chicago any time, anyway, they insisted that they Need It.  They bet any money the Charter included nice housing for all.  And jewelry for them, too, even if they aren't barons.  Also expeditions, very few of them lately.

And sticking to the housing situation, once delivery is made, they will need, immediately,  new outfits to wear in it for many  photo ops.  I compromised with one photo op of all of them plus the picture of the room of their dreams, and vague plans about putting the other requests into action. 

Which is largely what happened to parts of the Magna Carta, come to think of it, considering how much of it became law in many countries eventually, and how many of the laws are daily disregarded by people who know better.

Oh well.  And tomorrow's Bloomsday, too. For some blogistas, it's already here.  If you can tolerate hearing about this yet again, go here

And just think what Joyce would have made of this conjunction today into tomorrow, Bloom meandering about and musing on it and bringing in all kinds of literary references and indecipherable puns..he'd have to start now to get all his thinking done in time.

Elton was a bit baffled by the history and literature flying around this morning, so he played us out with In Dublin's Fair City, which was a pretty good stab at Ulysses, when you think of it.

But he couldn't think of a Runnymede song, so he played Drink, Drink, Drink from the Student Prince, near enough, he thought.  A joycean pun on  runny mead, he explained.  This dog is getting too smart for his sweater.

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  1. Poor Boud, the Dollivers will be starting their own Parliament next!


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