Friday, June 19, 2015

Finishing off the last of the puff pastry

I had just a bit of puff pastry left in the freezer from the broccoli gorgonzola pie caper, and today was the day to make a little something.  

Chicken and mozzarella spicy sausage from Griggs' Farm at the WW Farmers' Market in the freezer, too, so this made a great combo.  These are probably made from the chickens who gave us the eggs at the market recently. Or their relatives, I suppose. I doubt if I'd buy sausage from anywhere else, since these guys are from scratch makers (chicken pun there..).  Sausage rolls.

I will probably never again buy puff pastry, but this really was a treat.  Two meals' worth.  I just skinned the sausage, and put a spoonful on each strip of pastry, rolled, sealed and that was it. Two ingredients.  Nice grainy mustard to go with.

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  1. So easy, must find a good sausage maker. Our local farmers market doesnt have one.


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