Monday, June 22, 2015

Midsummer's Day or First Day of Summer, which is it?

I ask because I wonder which traditions are in collision here.  I'd much rather think of it as the first day of summer, rather than the middle, with summer half over before I've even got into it yet, but I have no doubt knowledgeable blogistas will be able to explain it all. Probably something about having two seasons long ago.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, very local eating yesterday now that the Ottolenghi frenzy has abated, with a nice two egg asparagus omelette, eggs from Griggs Farm Market, asparagus from farmshare, a handful of herbs picked from the patio, involving tarragon, parsley, oregano, peppermint and lemon balm.  

Then a little salad of lettuce from a container on the patio, part of farmshare a few weeks back, with the last of the cherry harvest, and a spritz of champagne vinegar. Total locavore smugness reigns.

Kitty Marigold threw me into a scare yesterday, refusing to eat for two days, just looking at the food then sort of turning her head. She's probably in early kidney failure, old cat now, and her coat is starting to fail, she's peeing and drinking a lot more, and I was very dismayed when she wouldn't eat, a first for her in her life.  Up to now she's been playing and wrestling with Duncan, and eating fine, which are my criteria for a happy cat, no matter what her actual health situation.

But the not eating, and looking as if everything tastes bad was the beginning of the end for dear Boud, my late lovely kitty who gave me my screen nameSo I started making sad little plans, and mentally writing her life tribute, and deciding how long to wait.

Then this morning Marigold suddenly decided she was hungry after all, scoffed her breakfast down before Duncan could get it, and I feel much better.  The plans are still in place, but they're on hold for the moment.  I wonder if she read my mind and thought, hey, not so fast.

Marigold savaging a toy, more usual activity.

Likewise Rosie Golden, my golden showers rose which totally failed to thrive, looked like dead sticks, was replaced by the growers, replacement totally ftt, too, looked like ds, too, they sent me a refund many weeks ago, and I was about to dig it out and toss it, when suddenly two days ago she put out leaves! 

 I think the threat of being tossed woke her up and she's now set to work to grow.


  1. Maybe Rosie finally realized she had a new name and decided if that's the case then I'm going to grow.

  2. Maybe your kitty had a hairball taking its time to pass? We sometimes have these issues with our cats. Understandably in an older cat loss of appetite is alarming for all the reasons you've thought about. Here's wishing her many more happy days. - Jean in Cowtown

  3. I'm so glad that your little companion is doing better now. Our Mitzy went through that sort of thing once and we had decided the end was near but, out of desperation, I decided to get some canned food and actually fed her by hand. She lived at least another year or two after that.

  4. Glad to hear the kitty is eating again. I have a sick kitten I sent off the vet today so I know how you felt!


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