Saturday, June 20, 2015

Life's a --saucer of cherry jam! 6WS

So the second big cherry harvest came in, and I had enough to fill a saucer, which I made into a very tart, perfectly wonderful, jam.  Just sugar, almond essence and the cherries. I think they must have their own pectin, because it jelled up fine.

And this is today's breakfast: homemade homegrown cherry jam on hot biscuit made with wholewheat, lentil and almond flours.  Which made a surprisingly terrific combo.  I wonder if it was the almond flour and the essence in the jam, echoing, though you couldn't really detect either of them.

Anyway, it struck me as a great metaphor for life, and for art, come to that -- a short but intensely wonderful and colorful experience.

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  1. I agree: that is a great metaphor! Including the elements of alternately taking care and letting go.


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