Sunday, June 28, 2015

After the rain and other developments

After a massive night of driving rain and wind and of sudden allergic reaction brought on by them, I suppose, up most of the night attempting to soothe the maddening itching and swelling and blurring of eyes, sure sign molds are swirling around, anyway, the weather and I calmed down this morning a bit, and I was able to get out and see what nature had wrought.

Not a lot as far as the plants were concerned, just everyone draped in diamonds in the sunshine.

 Click to see us all better

Heather, back there you will see a copper bird feeder. Since the HOA banned bird feeding, because of the appearance of an innocent little country rat or two after the corn in the nearby fields was chopped, and the subsequent hysteria of city folks now living here who are convinced that all rats are from the subways and carry nameless disease (!), anyway, the feeder is now resting among the plants and lending a lot of tone to the landscape out there.  Copper against the foliage looks great in all weathers.

And indoors, remember the little cranberry scoop?  the two little dolls migrated from upstairs where they found the bears a bit too quiet for their taste, and took up their station on top of the bookcase.  

Then they spotted the scoop and found it was a perfect antique settle just for them.  So it's now mounted on the wall, and they can survey the whole place, as nosy as cats, with no fear of being swiped off there accidentally.  

They prefer to be separate from the doll polloi, since as they say, WE have cashmere sweaters and silk hair and handmade tatted blouses.  And they might lose them in a hurry if the DOTUS sees them.



  1. Nice use for the scooper and I enjoyed your garden photos. The bird feeder amongst the plant is a very lovely look. :)

  2. They banned bird feeders just because of a rat sighting? There is something wrong with their heads - making the poor little birds suffer for their fears. Takes all kinds.


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