Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Farmshare, or are they dyestuffs?

Farmshare day brought a massive curly lettuce, strawberries and new season's peas. So Spring is officially here.  And I must admit that I wondered if the lettuce could make a good dye material, what with all the dyeing going on over at Art the Beautiful.  But the strawberries are definitely going to be food.

I think the best thing to do with fresh strawberries is just eat them. Little sprinkle of sugar, maybe, but they're way too good to fool about cooking them.  Likewise the lettuce, just torn up and tossed with a few shreds of blue cheese, enough cooking for them, too.

Completely unrelated to this, but you know about earworms? no, I'm not going to be cruel enough to suggest any to you. But I noticed today that I have a parallel thing: mnemonic worms. You know those little things you use to help you remember totally useless stuff which will be of no use once the exam's over?  

I have a few of them.  Like SUNWACD.  Which I'm sure you immediately spotted as the way to remember the tributaries of the River Ouse. That's a river in North Yorkshire.  The tribs are: Swale, Ure, Nidd, Wharfe, Aire, Calder, Don. Now aren't you glad you know that?

This came up from Meanqueen's recent couple of entries about a trip to Yorkshire, where she mentions one of them and set me off.  Then there's ROYGBIV, which I expect you really do know, is the colors of the rainbow in order.

Do you have any to inflict on us? Medical personnel among us no doubt know On Old Olympus' Torrid Tops, etc.  I bet they even know what they all stand for and why.  And the xrated version, too.


  1. This isn't what you asked for, but it made me think of Eight times eight fell on the floor, picked it up, and it was sixty-four.

  2. Ah those strawberries looks lovely!! Sorry none to share!


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