Saturday, June 6, 2015

Report From Blogger Under The Weather 6WS

I rarely talk about health matters in this blog, because even when I'm physically in a bit of a struggle, mentally I'm still ticking over nicely, so I keep on blogging if I can be upright!  this week I've had a time just moving and keeping awake and climbing stairs.  

Might be a virus, I think, or maybe a late onslaught of allergy.  Whatever it is, it's doing a job on my energy.  Will be cancelling attendance at a couple of things just in the next day or two, I think, since I finally realized I don't have to force myself to do everything all the time.  Or as HP used to say, very annoying because true, "you're never happy till you've overdone it!"  And when I have to sit and get up my energy just to take a shower, I know things isn't quite right.And I went next door to attend to all the houseplants on absent neighbor's patio still in robe and pajamas, in case I didn't feel up to getting dressed, very unusual around here.

Okay, end of whine alert.  And I want to show you today's lunch, which I finally got to after ages of deciding to get up and move into the kitchen.  Once there I made a nice little omelette with chunks of cooked asparagus (cooked then frozen for uses such as this), pepper and kosher salt, and a little pinch of baharat, that spice mixture from Ottolenghi, plus several capers.  I separated the eggs, added the seasonings in to the yolks, because I just learned that they work best for seasonings, then added in the beaten whites.  Worked nicely.

And the odd looking beverage beside the plate is not carpet shampoo, nor yet algae scooped up from a pond, it's a surprisingly good tasting smoothie.  This is a handful of  kale, farmshare has started kale this year, torn up small, blended with lemon juice, some water, sliced banana and diced Granny Smith apple.  The glass shows you half the amount it makes.  And it's so good that I might be making a lot more smoothies using leafy vegs when I run out of ways of cooking them.  Kale is a bit bitter for salad purposes for my taste but in this mix it's very good.  And will maybe restore my energy. And cure my sore throat.  And cough.  Oh dear, poor me...


  1. oh you poor thing. if you dont feel better in a day or two, please go see someone about it. Now i have to worry more about you, which I do anyway, what with you painting walls and whizzing up and down stairs and teetery ladders, and hauling things around (oh dear that sounds like me, too)--

    well never mind. Ill fit this worry inside the others; let the dollivers help out and you take some naps and drink some more of that strange looking Kale smoothie =)

  2. there are nasty viruses these days 6WS
    nevermind keep cooking and carry on!

  3. Liz, I'm glad you are taking care of yourself today. Had to look up baharat; thanks for that. Love a good green smoothie; good for an energy bump. That, and some kitty-nurse therapy.
    Love to you,

  4. Sorry you're a bit under-energized, Boud - I hope you're back to full steam ahead soon. But sometimes it's best to surrender to the need to rest, I think.
    And thanks for the tip about seasoning eggs - I had no idea it would make a difference to season the yolks first then add the whites! See? Even when you are being forced to recharge your batteries, you are STILL teaching me valuable cooking skills!

  5. Sorry You're Poorly, Get Better Soon (6W)

  6. Feel better soon! and I must add, go see a doctor if you aren't up to snuff by Tuesday or so...

  7. Sorry to hear that you are unwell. Kudos to you on being brave with the green smoothies, my mind never quite comes to it.


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