Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sign of Peace, what's yours?

This little scene, yesterday's teatime setup, with homemade yogurt and a spoonful of homemade apple jam, with a few lychees gift of unknown friend, together with Chinese porcelain teapot, Williamsburg souvenir Jefferson Cup used with filter, on tray from Karen's house, and the little potholder made on my tiny loom, all spells peace to me.

It's a mixture of friendship, good food, excellent tea, made Downton Abbey style, with good English breakfast tea leaves, pot warmed, and, sitting on the mission style oak coffee table found many years ago at the dumpster, it's also about found objects.

My other symbol of peace at home is a cat on a windowsill.

What's your favorite symbol of peace and home?


  1. Lovely, Liz! It's storming here; steady showers and
    thunder, so coziness and comfort and peace look like
    a sleeping kitty, or the music corner of my living room.
    xo Mare

  2. I have to echo a bit of what Mare said. A cat sleeping in the living room, not a care in the world is a beautiful sign of peace.

  3. My sign of peace is a candle burning on the window sill.

  4. I would have to say one of my symbols would be the knitting basket sitting beside my chair with a cup of tea close at hand.

  5. Glad we connected to each other's blogs today-I am very much enjoying yours. Lovely tea set. My symbol for peace and home is my CD player in my living room, playing an eclectic mix my friend puts together each year. Nothing better to unwind in your own home, with good music, carefully chosen and shared.


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