Tuesday, November 4, 2014

And The Farmer Is The One Who Feeds Us All!

Final harvest home from the farmshare for 2014.  Great year of produce, with apples being the best ever.

Seen here in November afternoon light in my kitchen, winter squash, frying peppers, bell peppers, several species of apples, Asian pears, broccoli.   

Typing awkwardly, because of kitchen injury, slicing into bell peppers to make lovely rings, finger got involved there, oh.  No blood on the food, though, in case that's an issue!
From now till May my Tuesday afternoons will be an oasis of quiet, no frenzy of chopping, dicing, slicing, mincing, bagging, freezing, cooking.  

What on earth will I do with the time.  Yeah, it's sure to be all empty, yeah, that's right...just like taking a bowl of water from a bathtub and expecting the rest of the water to stay put..

Meanwhile, great props to the Stults family of Cranbury for their multi generational family farm, whose centenary comes up next year.  Can't wait to see what they'll do to celebrate it! 

Go here to find out more about them.


  1. What a wonderful haul. And very sorry to hear about you finger. I hope it heals swiftly.

  2. I have this phobia about slicing carrots. Its all in my head but its still there.

  3. Lovely looking fresh food and yummy sounding meals in the last couple of posts. I look forward to seeing your creations as you empty your freezer.


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