Monday, November 17, 2014

Upcycling for socks

I knitted quite a few pairs of socks for me and others a while back.  Some I liked so much that I wore out the heels

what with all the walking I do, and these were too nice to scrap, and no fun walking in repaired heels, so I decided to upcycle them.

And here you see one of my new fingerless gloves on my gnarly old hand

and naturally the Dollivers wanted in on this

and two of them got new ski hats, which used to be sock toes, despite the pouring rain going on, because they figure sooner or later there'll be snow and skiing.

I warned them not to mention the new hats to the others, since I don't want to have to upcycle three more socks..


  1. Haha! Wonder way to save a pair of socks and give the Dollivers some winter fashion. :)

  2. Oh oh - I can see more upcycled socks in your future if the rest of the merry lot get wind of new hats.

  3. The dollivers in their stunning new chapeaux made me laugh - nifty idea :)
    I also have a couple pair of hole-y handknit socks put aside for either repair or renovation. I was thinking of deliberately felting them (merino and merino/silk) and using the material for a little sewing project, but it's SO far down the list it may not happen til next August ;)
    I wish you were here to give me some of your expert gardening advice. I'm wondering if it is safe/wise/possible to transplant some perennials and black raspberries this week...both are uncomfortably close to the Path of the Plow, but they *may* be safe there and I don't want to kill them by moving them. Would love to hear your thoughts!


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