Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rainy old day, red soup and hot biscuits

Rainy cool day, and there's one more bowl of tomato/cabbage/squash soup in the freezer.  

So the work of a moment, well, ten minutes, to make a batch of hot biscuits, using half oat flour half white wholewheat, and a bunch of sunflower seeds.  The oat flour accounts for the nice shapes.  All wheat flour makes a more crumbly texture.  I like either.

And this shape will be good for a teatime snack, with apple jam..not that I'm thinking ahead or anything.


  1. That looks yummy, and now I'm kind of sorry I finished the last of my soup this morning. Looks like crackers and cheese for supper tonight. Just too tired to cook!
    I wonder if you are getting the same winds we have had since last night? It's been roaring like a train and it hasn't stopped yet.

  2. BItter bitter winds, high and icy, all the way from here down to Delaware where I went to Winterthur with a group of stitching friends. Crossing the high bridge from Philly into De. was hazardous, to put it mildly, traffic being shoved back and forth between lanes by the wind.

    Home now after a wonderful day about which I'll blog, and chilled to the marrow, jammies, robe hot coffee...

  3. There is nothing like soup on a cold day. Those biscuits look very yummy and will probably go smashing with apple jam. :)


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