Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Waging Peace. All Together Now!

There's a certain obligation when you blog, to note significant days and not look as if you didn't notice them.  So November 11 is one of those days.  But, as on Memorial Day, I'm very careful about any kind of observance that risks glorifying war and making it look exciting and dramatic.  Anyone who has lived through one, either in or out of combat, knows better.

So this year I decided to honor the men and women who have gone through terrible hardship on behalf of us all, by waging peace.  

Starting with a hike on the Preserve, to bring back peaceful nature pix for us all, as a healing thing to do.  And by continuing to take care of the people and animals around me every day.  And, in another post, I'll tell of the adventures that happened today partly as a result of these decisions.

See the dark areas in that bank above?  those are the lairs of our native red fox.  Real foxholes.

And here is a whole universe of mosses and lichen, with its own history of coexistence and conflict and resolution.



  1. Beautiful pictures and thoughts. Thank you for sharing both.

  2. Such a beautiful area to walk - and a wonderful way to mark the day.

  3. Simply wonderful pictures and a wonderful sentiment. Thanks for sharing.


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