Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tuesday Tea Outside, Thursday It's Snowing 6WS

That's the local weather report.  Tuesday was so warm and sunny I took a cup of tea outside, reading and having neighbors stop by to chat, one of them commenting that this was the last day this year I'd get to do this.  So true.  The cold wave arrived, and Thursday we had snow.

So the indoor garden comes into its own.  And the Dollivers show off their potting-up skills, with the cactus, ow, stickers, see what she made us do

from bits of a huge plant that fell off the parent plant on a friend's truck and he gave me to do magic with, and the relative of the sweet potato,  grown from prunings from same friend's giant version of the same plant. 

 I grew these on in water until there was a major root system, and now they're trying to adapt to potting soil.  The sweet potato family is very tough, so I expect they'll make it.

The Ds insisted on a serenade from Elton, on the grounds that plants like to be talked to, so singing probably even better.  

So under the close supervision of kitty Duncan, here seen giving last minute instructions, and then presenting him, he gave us Yellow Rose of Texas, and Last Rose of Summer, and when the Ds protested that roses didn't come into it, switched to Just a Lonely Little Petunia in an Onion Patch, and The Biggest Aspidistra in the World.

And, knowing the Dollivers' insistence on being included in every ceremony, they offered their 6WS:  Dollivers Are Good Gardeners, The Best.

So modest, so self-effacing..muffled screams from Call me Michele and Bette Davis as the dreaded philodendron ties them down.

 At which point Elton switched without missing a beat, into Don't Fence me In.   

 And demanded a close-up, as a tribute to his pianistic skills and endless patience with Dolliver demands.  And commented bitterly that even in his own close-up he couldn't get free of Dollivers.  

Dollivers?  Everywhere, Everywhere, I Tell You, he shouted, thus creating his own 6WS.


  1. OOps forgot about 6WS... so add three more Ha's.

  2. mein gott the dollivers have taken over the world...

  3. Wonderful post, it had me smiling through out.

  4. Poor, long-suffering Elton. All this feminine angst must be very trying for him.


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