Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 and attendant excitement

Exciting evening before Tday, when I went to use my phone and it was
gone.  Massive search of the house for a couple of hours,  for my only phone
communication form, yielded nothing.  Emailed son explaining not to
expect early a.m. text in case I hadn't found the phone.

Hadn't even left the house, but I'd done a ton of things, on all three
floors.  Searched every single drawer, every piece of folded laundry, all the
prepped food, bathrooms, cupboards, art supplies, even riffled through the
groundcover near the front door, in the sleet, in case when I threw
out my tea leaves the phone sailed with them...

Finally gave up and decided to go to bed, all disgruntled. And when I
undressed found my the inside of my pant cuff!  no way of
guessing how it got there from the little pouch around my neck it
usually lives in.  Then I was overcome with falling-down-laughing at having 
carried the phone around with me for all the hours I spent searching for it. 
Then I did get to bed, and was promptly woken by smoke alarm chirping
every couple of minutes.  Had to get up, and it being way too wrong a
time to ask neighbor to climb up and replace the battery, did so
myself, climbing bravely up a set of steps placed at the head of the stairs, 
and actually managing to get the little door open and the battery replaced
without actually being able to see it properly, wrong angle for my specs.

Then figuring it was about midnight and realizing I'd forgotten my night
decongestant, took a pill and went to bed, then noticed it was 5 a.m.
 So that made it impossible to get up for a few hours, this stuff
rendering me practically comatose...

Up then finally, and glad most of the meal prep was done yesterday! looking
forward  son's early afternoon arrival.  Snowing gently, very unusual
for us at Tgiving.
Wonderful Tday with Handsome Son.  All the food went over very well,
and a large plateful all set up went home with HS for today's post
Tday meal for him.  And he left me some of the pumpkin pie and cheese
and crackers.  All very happy.

Except for one minor excitement: in the middle of things, a sudden
CHIRP!  OMG, it started again, but this time good old HS with better
directional hearing than I tracked it down to the CO alarm, changed
the batteries and blessedly it went quiet.  Enough excitement from
alarms.  But why it should go off so soon after the other may only be
a coincidence.

I remember the last time we had a CO chirp event, after a couple of
chirps from it, ALL the smoke detectors began to chirp, even though
they're not connected with the CO at all. 
I wonder if there's some sympathetic vibrations between computer chips, 
since the same chip seems to be used in all these alarms, that starts them up in a chorus.
 Or they have ambitions to be crickets in a future life...and I wonder
why the chirping typically starts up in the evening and into the night.

Well, after all the lovely day and the excitement and lack of sleep
yesterday, I slept in today and woke feeling very rested, two hours
later than usual.
And had a nice postTday breakfast
And found a nice flock of emails in my box from freecyclers wishing me for the holiday and reminding me of the transactions we'd done!   bonus there.

Memo to self: put batteries on shopping list, all kinds.  

Also check why my fonts keep changing in size without my asking them.  Perhaps a sympathetic vibration with the alarms.


  1. Giving thanks for you, Liz, and your wonderful blogs.
    I love your POV and of course your delicious humor.
    Thank you and happy quiet Friday. xo Mare

  2. Definitely lots of excitement at Chez Boud! Just a thought, should your phone decide to do another disappearing your son and ask him to call you. The ringing should help you track it down. Of course, having said that, having your pant leg suddenly start to ring might have been a whole 'nother adventure!

  3. I did ask him to call, but up to now he still hasn't read his email!! it's a sort of weekly event with him. But I did establish yesterday that if he didn't hear from me, couldn't reach me himself, to check email before pushing the panic button! but to wait for him to read it for no reason then call, oh well. And we did fall about laughing at what I would have done when my pantleg went off! since I have the phone set at both vibrate AND loud ring, so that I can be aware of it...

  4. Oh, those invisible phones! I've used my cell to call my landline (wireless handsets that migrate to all the outbuildings) and my landline to call my cell. But in the latter case, I have to first get on the computer to look up the number of my cell, which I rarely give out to anyone because I rarely carry that phone. Useful mainly for texting, or on-the-road emergency calls.

  5. Cell phones like to go on journeys I think, just to be free for a bit.

    Glad you found it eventually and so close to the point of departure as well. I suppose your pants leg foiled its escape plans. :)


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