Monday, November 3, 2014

Zucchini Sticks Bake for a cold windy day

Today was a good time to make a baked item, warming the house as well as the food, still with the bitter high winds and low temps, so it was a zucchini stick bake.

Sauteed shallots, along with some clipped dried kombu, that's a seaweed type of vegetable, with fresh ground allspice, turmeric, pinch of kosher salt, till all nicely browned, then added in a batch of zucchini sticks from the freezer (nuked them a couple of minutes first).

While this was going on, I beat up an egg with a few ounces of one per cent milk and a few chunks of sharp cheddar.

At 385F  I baked this, the veggies in a glass dish, the egg mix poured over, for about 20 minutes.  Two meals for me. 

Dessert was the last of the apple crumble with a topping of yogurt cheese, eaten too fast for pix, sorry!

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  1. Ah that sounds so interesting, but very tasty I bet. I find there is a special anticipation when you take a baked meal out of the oven that doesn't feel the same with something cooked in a pot. Maybe it is because the magic happens when you aren't looking.


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